Running App (unsponsored)

I use an App called RunKeeper which is fantastic for road-running, and in my mind it completely eliminates the need for a sports watch. It uses GPS to record the routes you run and brings up the information on a map. It shows the miles ran, minutes taken, calories burnt, minutes per mile (which can also be viewed in a graph format), pacing information, and more. You can select training programmes too – for example there is a “Sub 2hrs Half Marathon” programme which tells you what you need to be running and when in order to achieve this, and you can set alerts that pop up on your phone to remind you of the programme schedule. I personally don’t plan to follow a specific programme or schedule, but it’s a useful tool to have available. Furthermore, I link my iTunes running playlist to the App, and once I press start to begin running, my music starts playing automatically which saves me having to switch between Apps. You can add your friends, read running blogs, link to Social Media and much more. The best thing is, RunKeeper is free!

RunKeeper App
RunKeeper App

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