Injured and strapped up!

Nooooooo! So I went for a 10K road run on Monday evening and a smaller run on Tuesday evening, and then last night (Wednesday) I attended a routine appointment at The Wells Physiotherapy & Sports Clinic in Tunbridge Wells, but left looking like this!

Running injury









I’ve been getting a few twinges behind my knee on my left leg, a tight sort of pulling, and the scar tissue on my right calf is sore. My Runner’s Knees have also been making themselves known recently, although this seems to be manageable at the moment and not bad enough to cease running.

After informing my physiotherapist Will of this, he analyzed me then spent a considerable amount of time performing Sports Massage Therapy on both calves and thighs. Although painful and sensitive at first – borderline unbearable – after a while it all seemed to loosen up and ended up feeling quite nice and relaxing. Will strapped me up using pink PhysioRoom Kinesiology Tape and ran through the stretches with me again which I should be doing on a daily basis. I admit, I rarely stretch on days when I’m not running as I simply forget, and my injuries are only really prominent when I run, so I tend to stretch thoroughly before and after runs only. Another lesson learned! I’ll be doing a lot more stretching, every day, and have purchased some of the pink PhysioRoom Kinesiology Tape to strap myself up at home.

It’s what every runner dreads, especially when I have a running event in three days! I hope to still be able to take part in the Hastings Poppy Run for the Royal British Legion this Sunday… Watch this space!


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