I’m so excited!! A few posts back I mentioned that I wear my current Brooks Ghost 5 trainers for all 10K runs and am currently looking to ‘upgrade’ to the newest version… well, I’ve done it! I’ve decided to treat myself and have ordered and paid for the Limited Edition Ombre Ghost 7s! They are BEAUTIFUL.

I had been considering purchasing a new pair of trainers for some time, as my Ghost 5s are over 18 months old and have had a lot of good use: 2014 alone will total 16 running/walking events, along with twice-weekly road runs, gym trials and bootcamps. I decided to have a peek at the Brooks website ( on a whim one afternoon just to see what was out there and what my options were. I stumbled across the Limited Edition Ombre Ghost 7s and instantly fell in love! I knew I had to have them and was deeply disappointed when my shoe size showed an Out of Stock message. I emailed the lovely people at Brooks UK who confirmed that my size will not be re-stocked due to the fact they are limited edition. Some alternative Brooks trainers were helpfully suggested, but my heart was set on this shoe and I became determined to find some. A huge website search ensued with hours of seeking and researching. Nowhere in the UK was selling this style and all US websites either didn’t deliver to the UK or did but had huge shipping costs attached. As a last resort, and out of curiosity, I popped onto the US Brooks website ( to see if they stocked the Limited Edition Ombre Ghost 7s. THEY DO – AND THEY HAD MY SHOES SIZE! Not only that, they ship to the UK and the price of the trainers includes all shipping and tax duties! I was so super excited and wasted no time in ordering a pair, and paying a total of £113. I’m a bit of a fairy and believe in fate – if something is meant to be, it will be! So now it’s a waiting game and I’m so excited for my new running shoes to arrive! 🙂

My new Limited Edition Ombre Brooks Ghost 7 !

My new Limited Edition Ombre Brooks Ghost 7 !


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