A new year

I gave myself a break over the festive period and hardly ran at all. I overate, slobbed about and spent time with my family. So, on 2nd January when I decided to go for my first run of the new year, it was not altogether a delightful experience! It’s amazing how much fitness can decline in a short time. I started off slowly after stretching but struggled, forcing my way around, and was grateful to be home after just 3 miles. Two days later I embarked on another 5K run, and then attended a 3hr dance class the following night which to be honest is more like fun and doesn’t feel like exercise. A lot more runs later and I’m back into the swing of things and enjoying the start of a healthy and active new year; long may it continue!

Of course it helps that my brand new limited edition Brooks Ghost 7 ombre trainers arrived just before Christmas and I LOVE them – they’re so comfortable and look amazing! I’ve been wearing them since the 2nd so feel like they’re broken in, and I intend to wear them for all races this year. In a weird sort of way I feel sad about leaving my trusty Brooks Ghost 5s on the shelf as spares now… they’ve been with me since the beginning and have been so great! Is that sad?!

Also, the company I work for launched a new year initiative: they encouraged employees to team up into groups of 10, we were given a pedometer each and encouraged to race to see which team reached 1 million steps first! I was elected team leader and worked hard with nine colleagues to rank up the footfall. We had a team name, daily challenges (lunges, burpees etc), we started a twice-weekly running club after work, and we had such a laugh. After seven days another team beat us to the million mark by a mere few steps, so we came in second out of a total of 75 teams. I’m so proud of this! My employer has now extended the challenge to 10 million steps, so it’s not over yet and the challenge continues! We’re more determined than ever and this is great motivation. I don’t think I would ever have suggested running with colleagues after work, but we love it and we encourage each other. Watch this space to see if we win the 10 million steps race!!

I’ve also been busy researching new races, creating my 2015 race schedule and signing up to a number of events, the first being the London Winter Run which takes place on Sunday 1st February. Very exciting! I use running events as targets, discipline, because although I have a passion for running and thoroughly enjoy it, the cold dark winter nights suitable for hot chocolate and DVDs on the sofa are incredibly desirable, so knowing that I have an imminent event forces me to don sports gear and go out for a run, even if it’s just for 3 miles. I’ve never once regret it! Even the most painful, uncomfortable runs end with a sense of triumph and achievement in the end; the ability to continue running and pushing yourself, being able to complete what you set out to do. Endorphins are a powerful thing. Crossing a finish line doubles that and makes me feel proud of myself and my body, and reinforces my belief that anyone of any age and ability can do something if they persevere and are determined not to be held back or defined by something they’re unable to control. Having a strong sense of determination and fighting spirit really helps! Running events are a great way of committing myself, not only to the run on race day, but to all the runs leading up to that.

It’s going to be a good year 🙂


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