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The virtual run bug, and my 2015 race calendar

I’ve gone completely overboard. Well, a bit. I’ve signed up to and have already completed some of the following races:

Monday 12 January 2015, UK Run Chat Virtual 5K
Thursday 22 January 2015, Spring Forward Virtual 5K
Sunday 1 February 2015, London Winter Run 10K
Tuesday 3 February 2015, UK Run Chat Virtual 5K
14 – 22 February 2015, Puppy Love Virtual 10K
1 – 31 March 2015, Run Mummy Run Virtual 5K
Saturday 28 March 2015, Major Series South
Saturday 11 April 2015, Wedding Virtual Runner 5K
Sunday 12 April 2015, Brighton Marathon 10K
Sunday 7 June, Tunbridge Wells Race For Life 5K
Sunday 14 June, Staplehurst 10K
1 – 30 June 2015, Signature Virtual Runner 5K
Saturday 20 June 2015, Leeds Castle 20 Mile Pink Ribbonwalk
Sunday 12 July 2015 – London Bridges 7 Mile Walk
1 – 31 August 2015, Summer Virtual Runner 5K
Sunday 20 September 2015, Tunbridge Wells 10K
Sunday 27 September 2015, London Finsbury Park Women’s Running 10K
Sunday 11 October 2015, London Royal Parks half marathon
Saturday 24 October – Beachy Head 10K

I’m also keeping a strong eye on and am highly likely to register for some, if not all, of the following:
August – London Victoria Park Pride Run 10K
Sunday 6 September 2015 – Weald St George’s 10K
Sunday 20 September 2015 – ZSL London Zoo Stampede 10K
Sunday 25 October 2015 – Portsmouth Great South Run
Sunday 29 November – Crowborough 10K

Planning and organising my race calendar is probably just as exciting as running the races themselves, I love it! So exciting, I love having targets and events to look forward to. I’m constantly on the lookout for more races, investigating and seeking events.

You might have noticed that a large portion of confirmed races this year are virtual ones… I have well and truly got the bug for these. I road run twice-weekly anyway, and love the fact that I’m not going to be doing anything out of my usual running routine in order to get a medal and donate to charity in the process. My favourite website for virtual runs is http://www.virtualrunneruk.com/, which often has special races with amazing medals. Prices start from about £6, a charity always benefits and it’s so easy; utterly addictive. I’ve completed a few USA virtual runs too, but one of the medals took more than two months to arrive, which personally I think sort of ruins it a bit.

So excited for this year!


2 thoughts on “The virtual run bug, and my 2015 race calendar

    1. Hello, thank you! I haven’t run a virtual race with you yet, but I’m due to take part in your Puppy Love Run next week! Very exciting, can’t wait. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog 🙂


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