2015 · General

Wherefore art thou?

Hello! It’s been a while, hasn’t it!

I was made redundant quite suddenly in June, consequently started a new job, and am now moving house; so along with the standard summer weddings and holidays in Florida and Morocco, I haven’t been able to dedicate time to my blog. It’s been a busy few months!

Nevertheless, I’m back, and am training for my first ever half marathon, the London Royal Parks in October. I’ve actually been a bit foolish and haven’t trained as much as I should have, but with 6 and a half weeks to go, I’m confident that I will be of reasonable fitness to endure and complete! At the moment I’m running 6K every Tuesday and 10K every Thursday, but these distances will obviously increase.

I’ve also been looking at my 2015 race calendar, reflecting and making note of what I hope to change or complete next year. As you can see below, the majority has been virtual runs, with only 14 actual events: less than last year. This is disappointing. I’m now scurrying around, investigating which races I can enter during autumn/winter to increase this figure from 14 to at least 18. (So far the Crowborough 10K and a Movember 10K have been shortlisted.) Next year I’ll definitely be more organised, will start booking sooner and will have a target, i.e. 20 actual events compared to, say, 10 virtuals.

Monday 12 January 2015, UK Run Chat Virtual 5K
Thursday 22 January 2015, Spring Forward Virtual 5K
Sunday 1 February 2015, London Winter Run 10K
Tuesday 3 February 2015, UK Run Chat Virtual 5K
Tuesday 17 February 2015, Valentine’s Virtual 5K
Monday 23 February 2015, Puppy Love Virtual 10K
Monday 2 March 2015, Unleash Your Sparkle Virtual 5K
Sunday 15 March 2015, Sevenoaks Knole Park 10K
Saturday 28 March 2015, Major Series South
Sunday 12 April 2015, Brighton BM10K
Tuesday 14 April 2015, Wedding Virtual 5K
Tuesday 28 April 2015, One Big Fat Run Virtual 5K
Tuesday 5 May 2015, Disney Orlando Florida Virtual 5K
Tuesday 19 May 2015, Spin Into Spring Virtual 5K
Tuesday 2 June 2015, Signature Virtual Runner 5K
Sunday 7 June 2015, Race For Life TWells 5K
Sunday 14 June 2015, Staplehurst 10K
Tuesday 16 June 2015, POW! Virtual 10K
Saturday 20 June 2015, Leeds Castle 20 Mile Pink Ribbonwalk
Saturday 4 July 2015, Olympic Park Summer Series 10K
Thursday 9 July 2015, Sweatshop Running Community Virtual 5K
Sunday 12 July 2015, London Bridges 7 mile walk
Tuesday 28 July 2015, Treasure Hunt Virtual 10K
Tuesday 4 August 2015, Summer Virtual 5K
Tuesday 11 August 2015, Sole Sisters Virtual 5K
Friday 14 August 2015, Rye Summer Classic Series 10K
Tuesday 18 August 2015, Fit, Fab & Lean Signature Virtual 5K
1 September 2015, Virtual Hogwarts Running Club Platform 9 3/4K
1 – 30 September 2015, Signature Virtual Runner 5K
Sunday 20 September 2015, Tunbridge Wells 10K
Sunday 27 September 2015, London Finsbury Park Women’s Running 10K
1 – 30 September 2015, POW! Be a Hero Virtual 5K
1 – 31 October 2015, Halloween Virtual 5K
1 – 31 October 2015, She Cracked It Virtual 5K
Sunday 11 October 2015, London Royal Parks half marathon
Saturday 24 October 2015, Beachy Head 10K
1 – 30 November 2015, Birthday Virtual Runner 2Miles
1 – 30 November 2015, Poppy Challenge Virtual 5K
1 – 30 November 2015, Virtual Running Go the Extra Mile
1 – 30 November 2015, POW! Winter Run Virtual 10K
8 – 14 December 2015, Christmas Virtual 5K

Next year I’ll also aim to combine short holiday breaks with races I’m super keen to complete, such as the Bristol 10K and the Bath half marathon. I’d also love to take part in the Edinburgh half marathon. It’s time to go further afield, and complete further distances!

2016 will also see the introduction of a personal trainer, an old friend of a friend, who will assist with weight training and strength. Have you seen Chloe Madeley, Richard & Judy’s daughter? Go look at her body. Her thighs and arms are incredibly strong and her stomach makes me never want to eat cake ever again! I’ve been inspired!!

Anyway, to celebrate the New Year, and new challenges (alright yes I know, we’re still in August! Four months until New Year!), it’s only right that new trainers are acquired. Luckily, my favourite brand of running shoe, Brooks, has recently released not only the Ghost 8 (I’m a huge fan of Ghosts and have pretty much the whole family of Ghost models); but they’ve also released a trainer which is so beautiful, part of me wants to buy them just so I can sit and look at them…they even have a cute Disney-inspired name! Introducing, the Aurora. *drools*

Brooks AuroraWhat do you think? Aren’t they gorgeous! Please Santa, I’m on my knees! 😉

Another 2016 resolution is to complete event write-up reviews straight after each event. 2013 and 2014 saw just one big review at the end of each year, which will also now happen at the end of 2015; and in reflection I think that’s a bit pointless. People like reading race reports, right? Not months and months later, but pretty much straight away? Well, we’ll see how it goes, anyway. Onwards and upwards!

Have a magical bank holiday weekend folks!


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