2015 · General

You got me strapped up!

Olly Murs’s song ‘Wrapped Up’ is stuck in my head, with the lyrics changed to ‘Strapped Up’, as in: “You got me strapped up, around your le-eg!” I’m adorned in Kinesiology Tape again, although this time it’s blue, not my favourite pink. This stuff is amazing and stays on for ages, despite daily showers, and was applied by my sports physio last night. He massaged my super tight calves and talked me through some more recommended stretches. He’ll be strapping me up right before my Royal Parks half marathon next month, too. My right-side Runner’s Knee keeps making an unwelcome appearance, and the scar tissue damage from tearing my calf last year has the habit of aching and making itself known. Luckily I’m in good hands; the guys at The Wells Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic have always been fantastic, full of great advice and tips! This won’t stop me training; in fact, I’m off for a run tonight, aiming for upwards of 8 miles.

K tape

Meanwhile, I stumbled across a new event on Twitter yesterday, purely by chance, and it’s right up my street! Run for Chocolate, http://www.runforchocolate.co.uk/, is a fun little 5K which includes chocolate, obviously, and a medal. Win win, I’m in! 🙂 I love discovering and trying out new events, no matter how big or small. Most of my discoveries, actually, come from Twitter. The running community on there is humongous, welcoming, and super informative. I don’t always join in with discussions but I often read them and take note of tips and advice. I’d recommend runners to follow @UKRunChat, or search #ukrunchat. You’ll be more motivated than ever after a quick look!

My own Twitter handle, in case you want to say hi, is @lauraplane88. I really don’t tweet much, but I check my newsfeed daily and like ‘meeting’ new people.

One final thing. If you love running and have a sense of humour, follow Runner’s Knees! Twitter: https://twitter.com/RunnersKnees. Blog: https://runnersknees.blogspot.com. I stumbled across him by accident and he’s by far my favourite running blogger. Prepare yourself for some motivation and lots of LOLs!


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