My jazzy Jawbone

I was surfing Groupon one evening, bored and seeking some solace in online shopping, as you do, when I saw a Jawbone on offer.

For those who don’t know, Jawbone calls itselfa world-leader in consumer technology and wearable devices, building hardware products and software platforms powered by data science.”
Launched in November 2013, Jawbone released the UP24, which features the ability to sync wirelessly via Bluetooth and has as a 7-day battery life (depending on use). The software is intended to provide more real-time data and information to help motivate users achieve their goals through “Today I Will” targets related to sleep, movement, and water consumption. The app also suggests goals based on user’s habits. Live notifications are provided on the UP24 so users will get push notifications when they get close to their goals. A new activity log gives a snapshot of a user’s day and when the UP24 last synced. The app also will automatically analyze sleep data from the previous night if users forget to press the button for sleep mode, and lets users edit sleep/wake times.
In early July 2015, PC Magazine listed UP24 as one of the best fitness trackers for 2015.

Jawbone UP24Of course I’ve heard of Jawbone, competitor Fitbit and the like, but have never researched them or thought twice about them. I don’t even know anyone who wears one. Although I work in Digital Marketing and am certified as such, I can be a bit of a technophobe and it took me ages to get an iPad. Still don’t have Blu-Ray!

However, being bored and seeing a very low price, I clicked on the link and read up on Jawbones. Now interested and wanting to know more, I looked through the Jawbone website and then read a pile of reviews. So far, so good! I particularly liked the sound of the sleeping pattern feature. Who isn’t intrigued by their own sleeping habits ? I also thought about how useful this could be whilst running and training for a particular event. At the moment I just use iPhone app RunKeeper to track and record my runs, but I figured that this bracelet could be an additional source of useful data.

Then of course I did the modern day thing and searched like crazy to see where I could obtain a Jawbone UP24 for a cheaper price. I don’t trust electronics on eBay so looked on Amazon, Argos etc, and hey presto – I found one in my size (Small) in the ideal colour (which would usually be pink, but as I’m hoping to wear this daily, it will clash with my red and orange outfits, dontcha know. Ipso facto, Black was the colour of choice), and it was cheaper than Groupon.

On a side note, I often do this – is it just me? I saw a gorgeous Michael Kors watch on Groupon previously and searched until I found it cheaper elsewhere. Groupon is awesome at bringing naughty treats to my otherwise ignorant attention, but it’s often far from the cheapest option.

Jawbone UP24Anyway, I made the purchase and felt like a kid at Christmas as I unwrapped my new Jawbone UP24. Then I realised you have to charge it before usage. Bit of an anti-climax as I plugged it in and went to do the washing up.

The bracelet comes with a USB connecter and it’s all very simple to use. However, basic instructions aren’t actually included, so I watched some set-up videos on YouTube just so I didn’t miss anything.

A few hours later, the glowing icon on the bracelet showed me that it was fully charged. Having downloaded the free Jawbone UP app onto my iPad and iPhone, I could easily sync the bracelet with my devices via Bluetooth. The whole set-up and pairing process was very straightforward and speedy. I set up a Jawbone profile on the App, which required my height, weight, date of birth, and any personal goals (for example, how many steps a day would I like to achieve, how much would I like to weigh, how much sleep would I like each night?). There is also the option to set an idle alarm, whereby the bracelet vibrates after you’ve been sitting without movement: you can set the time for however long you like. I chose to have an idle alarm if I’ve been sat still for 1hr 15mins.

Another few hours later, with the bracelet stationed comfortably on my wrist, I checked the App and it was already showing movement stats. I have to say, although it’s very early days, I’m impressed with my new Jawbone UP24; from setting up the App and bracelet to seeing almost immediate stats, I’d say it’s money well spent, and I can’t wait to complete my first run whilst wearing it. From a cosmetic point of view, this clever little piece of equipment blends in with my other bracelets and my business attire, isn’t overly chunky or noticeable, and is comfortable enough to make me forget that I’m wearing it. A thumbs up from me so far!


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