Crazy competition win! My new Asics Gel-Nimbus 16s

I have no idea why, but if I’m lucky enough to ever win anything, whether it be a raffle prize or a game of cards, the Bee Gees’ “You Win Again” song always plays in my head. It’s been on repeat lately thanks to a magnificent competition win over on Twitter.

As mentioned previously, I follow @UKRunChat, a humongous, welcoming, and super informative running community. I don’t always join in with discussions but I often read the Tweets and take note of tips and advice. UK Run Chat run competitions on Twitter frequently and I’ve never thought to join in…until last week. A company called Running Shoes 4 U was running a competition through UK Run Chat to win a pair of new Asics running shoes. I’ve never owned or worn a pair of Asics but I’ve only heard positive things, and I love their bright colours. (The more dramatic the better I think, when it comes to sportswear!) So I spontaneously Favourited and Retweeted the competition Tweet as requested, and noticed later on that around 500 Twitter users had done the same. I thought nothing more of it until I was snuggled on the couch on Sunday evening, watching rubbish on Netflix, and my phone kept vibrating under the blanket. It wasn’t a phone call, just an intermittent buzz, and when I finally bothered to look, my screen was blank with no messages.

Then I noticed that my Twitter app had a lot of notifications.

Not putting two and two together, I opened the app and was ridiculously excited and surprised to see that not only had I WON the competition (yay!), but that people from the running community were congratulating me, left right and centre. I excitedly private-messaged my address, shoe size and gait to UK Run Chat and tried to wait patiently for the prize to arrive. Christmas came early on the Friday when Mr Postie turned up at my door with a shoebox! Not only had Running Shoes 4 U sent me the trainers, but they’d kindly thrown in a pair of pink running socks, too. Thoughtful and unexpected!

Asics Gel-Nimbus 16sI couldn’t wait to try my new Asics Gel-Nimbus 16s out. So, how were they? How did they compare to my usual family of Brooks Ghosts, and my Sketchers Flex Appeal?

I ran five miles one evening as per my usual routine. Like all new trainers, the Asics Gel-Nimbus 16s seemed stiff at first, but began to loosen up as I ran. Although I turn my right foot inwards slightly, I have always used a neutral running shoe, and this pair felt very comfortable and accommodating. One website ( labelled the Asics Gel-Nimbus 16s: “A solid choice for runners wanting a premium soft cushioned long run shoe,” and I completely agree; the sole was cushioned with a plush feel, and the uppers weren’t too tight over the bridges of my feet. This fascinating graphic from shows further opinion on the shoes, with detailed information on the sole unit and the upper.

Asics Gel-Nimbus 16s

Personally, my only negative is the colour (white); they’ll get dirty and show marks quickly, and I love bright coloured and unusual shoes…hence my limited edition ombre Brook Ghost 7s, and Sketchers Flex Appeal in pink & leopard print. However, this is a very small and cosmetic point, and in the grand scheme of things, doesn’t really matter. The trainers were comfortable and I ran the five miles with ease.

Would I buy another pair of Asics Gel-Nimbus 16s after these ones have died? Perhaps! Would I recommend Asics to others? Yes, I would. Would I purchase from Running Shoes 4 U in future? Definitely. They were quick to communicate and post the trainers out, I like their interaction on Social Media, and throwing in free socks was a bonus, too!

It was great to try another brand and model of running trainer, I feel very lucky to have won this competition, and I’m super grateful. The trainers will of course be put to good use! Thank you Running Shoes 4 U and UK Run Chat 🙂 x



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