My new ‘Runners’ Wings’

Tattoos: some hate them, some love them, and some are indifferent. Each to their own. I happen to like them, and have just had my fourth one done.

My first tattoo was a bow on the base on my spine for my 21st birthday. I’m ultra feminine and have always loved bows; when I was at Primary School I’d ask mum to put a bow in my hair every day. I had wanted a tattoo on my spine since I was 18, forced myself to wait a few years to make sure I definitely wanted it, and was very picky about the style and size. I love this tattoo and actually forget it’s there sometimes.








My second was a treble-clef bass-clef design on my foot when I was 25. I love music, always have, and play it at every opportunity – in the bathroom, while making dinner, washing up, in the car, on a run, while doing housework…I hate silence and my home is always filled with music. Ironically I don’t actually play any instruments, although it’s a bucket-list goal to learn piano and complete Grade 1. I’d wanted a tattoo on my foot for a while, saw the design online (Pinterest, in fact) and fell in love with it.

Tattoo number three was a month later. I have my grandmother’s name – Ruby May – in italics, right next to the music heart on my foot. My granny was very ill, suffering with dementia. She was in a nursing home and was suddenly rushed to hospital; we thought that was the end. I’d always been close to her and saw her every week; I’m named after her as Laura May. The tattoo was totally spur-of-the-moment; I had the news, saw my mum upset and happened to walk past a tattoo parlour in town all within 24hrs. I walked in, had it done, and love it; it’s now my favourite tattoo.










Number four was inspired by Olympian God Hermes, the patron of athletics, who wore winged sandals! Another design I accidentally stumbled across on Pinterest (that website is dangerous! So inspiring, for arts, crafts, nails, hair – everything!), I call these my Runner’s Wings. Running has become a huge part of my life and it’s something I’m very proud of.

In fact, wings can mean many different things. I like to think this design symbolises not just running, but also a free spirit, guardian angels and those I’ve loved and lost. I’ve said goodbye to my father, uncle and granny very recently, and although I’m not remotely religious, I definitely believe they’re looking down over us.


{I had so much fun getting all my medals out and creating this photo!} 🙂

The placement of my latest tattoo means that I won’t run for a while, as I don’t want to risk rubbing the tattoo. That fits my Christmas schedule well, as I always give myself December off to rest and recuperate. I’ll start running again in January, by which time my Runners’ Wings will be healed. I look forward to showing them off at future events!


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