New Year, new goals!

So, following my first ever half marathon at the Royal Parks event in October, where I realised that 13.1miles isn’t as challenging or as tough as I’d first envisaged, I’m now in the frame of mind where the thought of travelling all over the UK to attend 10K events isn’t the best use of time. So, 2016 will see half marathons only, with the exception of one ‘fun’ local 5K event in January. I’ll aim to complete three large events which are all just 10mins drive from me: the Tunbridge Wells half, Paddock Wood half, and Tonbridge half. No more steep travel costs (£40 return to London as often as three times a month? No thanks) and no more insanely early mornings (5am on a Sunday, anyone? Nope, not anymore). This will also pacify my patient boyfriend who has endured two and a half years of being dragged as far as Bournemouth, with early starts and long travel, to stand and watch me run 10K, weekend after weekend after weekend. I’ll now be doing fewer runs, with less travel, but longer distances. I think that works out well for everyone, and I’m very excited for fresh challenges.

My employer has a gym which is free for all staff to utilise, so I’m signing up for membership with the intention of using the cross-trainer and bicycles; I’ll continue to road-run as I greatly prefer that to treadmills. I also used to dance twice a week, for three hours at a time, and absolutely loved it; but as my life circumstances changed, I didn’t have time or opportunity to attend and haven’t danced for some time. In 2016 I aim to change that and dance at least once a month.

My trusty Jawbone will of course continue to be regularly used during 2016, and I’ve signed up to complete a Diploma in Nutrition which starts in January. This is just for personal information;Bootea detox I’m vegetarian and am fascinated by food and nutrition. I’ve purchased a Nutribullet PRO (the 900w version, rather than the standard 600w) with the aim of drinking one smoothie a day using ingredients I never would have otherwise consumed, such a flax seeds. I’ve also purchased a Bootea Detox kit and Winter Survival kit, plus shakes with a shaker! Bootea seems to be a current trend, very popular; I’m willing to give it a go if it will do my body some good, and I want to see what all the fuss is about!

I consider all of my goals and plans for 2016 to be realistic and are more about maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle rather than setting unachievable dreams. The cost involved for this ‘new start’ is very minimal, with only dance costs to consider, and I’m really excited to learn about nutrition, and exercise outside of my standard running routine. I’ll of course be updating this blog with details of how my 2016 goals are panning out, with Nutribullet and Bootea reviews – and of course the usual running event race reports. Exciting! What are your 2016 fitness goals?

Thank you for reading, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! x




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