‘New Year, New Me!’

I mentioned in a previous post that, personally, I like New Year’s Resolutions. When is it ever a bad idea to have realistic and achievable goals and targets?

I didn’t have a set resolution as such for 2016, but I did want to feel healthier, fitter and run more half marathons. I invested in a Nutribullet Pro at Christmas, and a large amount of Bootea products (42 days’ worth of detox tea, oats, shakes and multi-vitamins; with the tea travel cup and shaker bottle).

As from Saturday 2nd January 2016, my daily routine has consisted of the following:

Breakfast: 2 Bootea multi-vitamins, 1 Bootea detox tea.
Snacks: 1 normal Green tea, 3 litres of water.
Lunch: 1 Bootea shake, 1 bowl of Bootea oats, apple.
Dinner: Can include scrambled egg, rocket, avodaco, grilled pepper & onion, houmous, med veg, Quorn chicken, tofu, fresh soup, nut roast.
‘Dessert’: Nutribullet smoothie (using ingredients such as kale, spinach, papaya, mango, plum, flax seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, goji berries, coconut oil).
1 night-time Bootea every other day.

I haven’t touched chocolate, sweets or puddings of any kind. I do feel the odd pang of hunger every now and then, which I didn’t before, but my skin is definitely clearer, my tummy is less bloated, and I have to say – I feel marvellous! I’m eating foods I never would have dreamt of consuming before, such a papaya, and I’m getting my 5-a-day of the required fruit and veg. The Nutribullet may be the best purchase I have ever made – it’s so much fun! The Bootea shakes, oats and detox teas are all delicious and filling, and I look forward to my dinners every evening, experimenting with nutritious dishes.

Exercise-wise, I run a 6K then a 10K every week, and complete at least two sessions of my new Zumba DVD at home. My physiotherapist has recently provided me with new stretches and exercises, which are hard work but I know will benefit me in the long run. I try to do these at least twice a week, too. I’m taking part in the Brighton Vitality half marathon next month, and have signed up for a number of races further on down the year as goals to work towards.

New Year detox Bootea


The Diploma in Nutrition started on Monday 4th January, and crikey it’s challenging! Scientific and complex, going into detail about amino acids and different types of fat, but it’s very interesting and I look forward to learning more. I also signed up to a certificate in personal training, starting soon, which is all online and distance-learning so not ideal, but I thought it might provide me with further insight into what’s good for my body, and some knowledge about appropriate and effective training plans. I don’t aim to be a personal trainer, nutritionist or anything of the sort – I love marketing and want to stay in this field! – this is all just for personal knowledge and to further my education in something I’m passionate about. I’m nosey and love studying, that’s basically it!

Lastly, I uploaded a blog piece in October about my new Jawbone UP24. I have since treated myself to an upgrade, the Jawbone UP2. It’s gorgeous, silver, and looks just like a bracelet! As per the Jawbone UP24, it’s not chunky or uncomfortable, and I never fail to be surprised by the detailed sleep tracking graphs. Spookily accurate! My favourite feature is the idle alert, where the band buzzes if I’ve been sitting still for more than 1hr (you can adjust your own times and settings): it encourages me to get up and walk to the printer in the office, or to the water machine or toilet! Every little helps, and I start being competitive with myself – even with regards to how much sleep I’m getting. It’s addictive and the band only ever leaves my wrist when I’m showering.

Stats wise, I lost 3lb in the first week, and have reduced by body fat by a few per cent. Although I didn’t start this detox to lose weight, it’s an added bonus and I do feel much healthier with improved energy. Obviously, the Bootea detox and therefore the continued results aren’t sustainable in the long-term, but the healthy eating, Nutribullet smoothies and exercises are, and I’ve embedded myself into a manageable routine which I’m really enjoying. I consider all of my goals and plans for 2016 to be realistic and are more about maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle rather than setting unachievable dreams.

I’ve seen acquaintances, friends and family moan about New Year’s Resolutions on social media, claiming that they’re rubbish, poking fun at the ‘New Year, New Me’ goals and laughing at those who are trying to set targets for themselves. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but personally I think that’s a little negative and short-sighted; and I presume the majority of those people aren’t feeling half as amazing and as healthy as I am now – and everyone else who is successfully achieving their goals! 🙂 Hehe.

Happy New Year all. x



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