Awesome competition win and NEW SHOES!

On 4th January I accidently stumbled across a post on Facebook from Vitality UK, offering a chance to win a place for you and a friend in February’s Brighton half marathon. In a rush and not expecting to be considered in the slightest, I jotted down the first honest thing which came into my head and then carried on about my business. I was so surprised when a notification later on told me that I had won! My colleague Seb, a fellow fitness enthusiast who started our office running club, jumped at the chance to claim my +1 for the race. We completed our complimentary registration, and our running numbers have now arrived in the post, with a handy little pocket guide crammed with race-day information, tips and offers.

Vitality Brighton half marathon

Training is going well, considering the awful weather – I ran 6K the other day in the pouring rain, before I gave up and resolved to run ‘properly’ the following day. Seb and I have both started taking part in a local Insanity fitness class each week, which is tough and hurts for a few days afterwards, but is also highly enjoyable! Insanity works my entire body and I genuinely look forward to each class. I complete my Zumba DVD at home at least twice a week, and run at least twice a week too, at varying distances. My physio stretches are a bi-daily routine and overall I feel fit and healthy, and am looking forward to the Vitality Brighton half marathon at the end of this month!

My Jawbone UP2 told me recently that I had completed 7 workouts in 7 days and gave me a lovely compliment about being a ‘hero’ (which actually made my day – I love that bracelet!) and it inspired me to treat myself – obviously. Two days later a shiny parcel arrived in the post and I literally yelped in excitement…

Tiffany blue Nike Roshe Runs


These beauties are my first Nikes and will be used for Zumba and Insanity 🙂

Is anyone else training for a half marathon? Would love to hear how it’s going!





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