Come back, running mojo!

It’s been an odd month. Along with a very high task load at work and helping my mum move out of our childhood house, I lost my Jawbone UP2 (it randomly fell off my wrist while I was out and about in London; I didn’t feel it come off and have no idea where it could have happened), so I have been unable to track my activity and so haven’t been accruing Bounts credits. A friend who I run with every week has been ill so we haven’t run together for three weeks, and my next running event is a fun colour obstacle race at the very end of the month, with no ‘proper’ event to aim or train for. Therefore I have been feeling rather out of sorts and lacking motivation. Of course this all had to happen over Easter when chocolate was everywhere I looked and the healthy clean diet went out the window. Without meaning to sound dramatic, this becomes a catch-22 because when I don’t exercise and over-indulge I feel sluggish and low, and when I feel sluggish and low I don’t want to exercise, I just want to curl up on the sofa, and then I feel guilty for not exercising…and so on and so forth. A good friend dragged me out for lunch and stated: “You’re not happy at the moment, are you? I can tell you’re not, because you’re not running.”

This snapped me into action as personally I can’t stand people who feel sorry for themselves. Hours later I pulled on my running shoes and ran 6K, which felt amazing. My head felt clearer and I slept like a log that night. I’ve ordered a new Jawbone (the UP3 this time – my third Jawbone after the UP24 and UP2) and have scheduled in a run with the ill friend who is now on the mend. I’ve discovered a new smoothie café in my local town and have tried the new ‘matcha’ craze for the first time (finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea) – delicious!

All it took to get my mojo back was a gentle reality check from a good friend, although I’ve realised that it’s ok to give yourself a break sometimes, it’s ok to rest and to let your body relax, and it’s ok to go off-diet occasionally. It’s just never ok to sit around and feel sorry for yourself.

Brighton Color Obstacle Rush, I’m coming for you! See you in three weeks – I’ve got some training to do 🙂 x

Protein chocolate egg





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