Entering the VLM, 88 medals & HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

A few weeks ago I saw a fellow runner displaying his very impressive medal collection on Twitter, and announcing that he had now earned his 100th medal. It was inspiring and had me aching to get my medals out and count them. I purchased a medal hanger a year ago but due to going from a mortgaged house to rented accommodation, I haven’t been able to hang it up as it requires rawl plugs – something that landlords generally aren’t fond of having drilled into their precious walls! So my medals reside in a box in the wardrobe, with the medal hanger still cellophaned and sitting alongside them. I took the hanger out of the packaging and sorted my medals into colour by ribbon, counting them as I did so, and added them onto the hanger. I was surprised to discover that I have earned 88 medals so far! running medalsSeems like a vast amount and something that I never thought I’d achieve. I started running casually in May 2013 – three years ago this month – and just never stopped. It’s honestly the best thing I’ve ever done; running is, for me, the best stress reliever and the highest feel-good factor. Seeing all of my medals on the hanger was motivation in itself and I definitely won’t be stopping any time soon!

Of course, I had to take all of the medals off and pack the hanger away in its packaging, and pop the medals back in their box in the wardrobe afterwards. I can’t wait for the day when they’re all up on show permanently!

running medalsSo to celebrate my three year running anniversary, I entered the Virgin London Marathon ballot…again. The registration opened on Monday 2nd May and I optimistically signed up within the first few hours. I’ve genuinely lost count of how many times I’ve entered; I’m guessing four or five, so not a huge amount, but now have a rather impressive collection of £40 running jackets in the closet! Hopefully I actually secure a place for 2017 as this is the one and only marathon I’d really like to participate in. I’ve given myself until I’m 30yrs old to complete this event, and I’m currently 28, so 2017 and 2018 are my only chances! Fingers crossed…Let’s see what October brings!

In other news, my new Jawbone UP3 arrived in the post, replacing the UP2 which fell off unnoticed somewhere in London. Jawbones are so easy to set up and sync, the whole process takes about five minutes, and then I left my UP3 to charge for about an hour before clipping it on and using it as normal. I had been a bit lost and unmotivated without a gadget telling me how many more steps I needed to take in order to reach daily target, and buzzing on my wrist when I’m inactive to remind me to move. It’s great to have one again! Let the competitiveness begin…

Next up: Walk the Walk Moonwalk on Saturday 14th May 🙂




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