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Brooks and the British 10K!

A few weeks ago I stumbled across a Tweet posted by Brooks, my favourite brand of running footwear (Brooks Ghost 5s were my first ever pair and I currently run in Ghost 7 ombres, which I had shipped over from America and LOVE):

Twitter Brooks competition

Now, the Vitality British 10K London Run.

I participated in this event during 2014 and labelled it the “worst 10K event I’ve ever been to,” stating that it had left me upset: “The start line pens were cramped and confusing with delays. The finish line was an anti-climax and runners had to walk about a mile away from the event area to the baggage collection (even though I didn’t have any baggage) to collect a packaged-up medal. It turns out I picked up the wrong medal as there were two types and I should have received the Help for Heroes one. There was a severe lack of signage and no-one seemed to know where they were going… the lack of organisation made it a shambles.”

However, organisers Vitality held the Brighton half marathon which I took part in during February this year and found very enjoyable, and they took over the London 10,000 reigns from Bupa which I participated in last month and absolutely loved. I’m still on the British 10K mailing list and have received email communication promising a greatly improved event with the bonus of a goody bag this year, along with the finisher t-shirt and bespoke medal. I’ve heard on the grapevine that there is a new race director, too.

Personally I would rather not attend running events twice unless there is sentimental value or mileage medals to collect, as there are so many other events to choose from, but I am both curious and eager to see if the British 10K has improved or whether it will retain its label of the “worst 10K event”. At £50 the entrance fee verges on extortionate, especially considering the London 10,000 was around half that price, and the London Marathon is less than £40. But everything deserves a second chance, and someone’s idea of a terrible event is also someone’s idea of the perfect one. So, I entered the competition:

Twitter Brooks competition

And guess what? I WON! A few days later I received a lovely private message from Brooks on Twitter, alerting me to the win and requesting various information in order to register me for the British 10K. Upon reading the T&Cs of the competition and talking to Brooks, I realised that not only had I won race entry, but the prize also included Brooks kit in the form of running shoes, capri bottoms, vest top and sports bra! The event registration confirmation email arrived promptly and the parcel arrived soon after, well packaged and containing some seriously gorgeous gear in all the right sizes:

Brooks Glycerin running trainersBrooks running

I’m super grateful and feel very lucky indeed to have received such a wonderful prize; I know that a lot of runners would crawl over broken glass while chewing on a wasp in order to be a winner of this generous competition!

I aim to take part in the British 10K next month with little preconception and am really looking forward to it, with the bonus of wearing brand new running kit thanks to Brooks. Watch this space to see how the British 10K fares, two years on!




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