Amazing avatar!

I was mindlessly scrolling through Instagram one evening when an illustration caught my eye on the ‘Popular’ feed. A marathon runner had been drawn by an artist,, who had captured the runner’s outfit and the situation in a super cute way. I instantly knew that I wanted one, so clicked on the link in Esther’s bio and found the contact information on her website, firing off a quick email telling her how much I love her work and asking if she’d mind doing one for me as a commission. Esther replied immediately and soon enough we were in regular communication, whereby I relayed ideas of outfits, colours and poses. Esther quoted £15, supplied her PayPal address and sent over a JPEG of my avatar, proving to be flexible when I requested tweaks. This was the result, and I adore it:

running illustration

To explain: I chose a Great Ormond Street vest as the hospital did a lot of work for my sister and are greatly valued by my family. 1988 is my year of birth, the Brooks Ghost 7 ombres are my favourite running trainers and the ones I wear most often; and the purple Nike shorts are the comfiest bottoms and the ones I wear for most events.

I love it! You can see more of Esther’s work here:




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