New hiking boots!

My younger sister, mother and I have been hiking a lot recently. We’ve always been an active family and my childhood was filled with bike rides, long walks, swimming and tree-climbing. We spent weekends exploring local footpaths, walking routes and countryside. It wasn’t unusual to tell mum of an evening that I was going to play with my sisters ‘up the fields’ and come back with numerous scrapes and stories to tell.
We still get together and go for a long walk each Christmas Day, and we all enjoy it.

I recently moved back home with mum as a temporary stop-gap and was keen to revisit our favourite childhood walking routes. Everything seems a bit smaller and shorter as an adult, but we’ve had great fun exploring and reminiscing on our evening walks around the village and surrounding area.

Hiking bootsI’d been wearing my black/floral Nike Roshe Run trainers, but when mum suggested a hiking holiday to Switzerland for October, I started to reconsider my footwear. With flights paid for and a chalet booked, I headed to Blacks in Tunbridge Wells where I spoke with a very knowledgeable staff member about appropriate hiking boots. I picked out a waterproof pair of Peter Storms (quite cute – which helps!!) at a surprisingly reasonable £30 and tried them on for size. The helpful staff member assured me that I didn’t need to go up a size or even half a size, as this would encourage rubbing, movement of the boot and therefore blisters. I’m a size 6 so stuck with that and walked around Blacks (in my smart business attire – not a great look!). The boots were so comfortable; light and snug. The man at the triple-checked my size and the condition of the boots, which was impressive, and was also friendly and knowledgeable, taking an interest in my Swiss holiday.

Mum and I could be hiking for 8hrs a day, so tonight I’ll be taking my new boots out for their first outing to wear them in, with the aim to cover around 3-4 miles of cross-country walking. We fly towards the end of October, so plenty of time to get used to them!

Watch this space! 🙂









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