Time for a new Jawbone!

I love activity trackers.

My first was a black Jawbone UP24 purchased spontaneously this time last year, and I loved it. I treated myself to an upgrade – a grey UP2 – after New Year, and loved it a little bit more. Sadly it disappeared off my wrist unnoticed somewhere in London on a night out, so I upgraded again to a grey UP3 in April: the best one yet. The bracelet snapped last week so I purchased a replacement UP3 in black & gold which arrived in the post today. There is no UK release date for the UP4 (that I know of), but when it’s announced I’ll be first in the queue to purchase one.

Jawbone UP3 activity trackerPrices for a Jawbone UP3 range from anywhere between £60-110 depending on the outlet and the colour of the band (yes really. On Amazon last week, grey UP3s were £63 but the black & gold one I purchased was just under £90, with red ones at £88 and indigo at £107).

Being without an activity tracker for a week made a difference. Checking my Jawbone App is routinely the last thing I do at night and the first thing I do in the morning, so I was lost without it and slightly confused! I couldn’t judge how many steps I was taking and how many more I needed to do in order to reach target. My wrist felt bare!! I also went for a long run on Sunday – my third of the week and a relatively decent one, I thought – which was left unmonitored by a Jawbone, with the App asking me if I was OK because it wasn’t tracking anything. *SOB* I can’t wait to start using my new bracelet and getting my stats up again!

In other news, I bought myself an advent Cocoa+ high protein advent calendarcalendar today. It’s a ‘High Protein’ one from Cocoa+ and contains a total of 35g protein within little chocolate circles. Cocoa+ treats are super tasty (had one of their Protein Easter Eggs earlier in the year!) and at £7.98 I’d say the calendar is well worth it. It’s sitting on my desk at work staring at me, and I have severe lack of self-control and willpower, so may have munched my way through at least a handful of chocolates so far…! No-one knows if the doors are pushed closed again afterwards though, right?  🙂




2 thoughts on “Time for a new Jawbone!

  1. I also like the jawbones … But after losing mine at the gym, I went the other way and got a dead cheap UP Move (button style clip on battery one) for under a tenner on eBay! It suits my purposes (names completing challenges in Bounts and Running Heroes apps) but doesn’t look anywhere near as posh as yours! 😉


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