Back on it for 2017!

Last January I was introduced to the concept of Insanity full-body workout classes by my colleague Seb, and LOVED it. I attended religiously, every single Monday from January until June, when my personal circumstances changed. I’d really missed Insanity so made it my mission to return this year.

purple Adidas running vestSo on the first Monday of 2017 I packed my gym bag and off I went, handing over just £6 for a 45 minute class in the town centre, and wearing a new Adidas top which I’d found in the January sales (comfy, but the gaping front/sides got in the way of some of the exercises)!

The class was of course fantastic and it was so good to be back! I’m sure I had sweat running out of my ears, chin, neck…! However I always find it amazing how much fitness I lose after a period of reduced exercise, and actually struggled to complete various Insanity exercises which I’d previously jumped into with relative ease.

My body ached for a full six days afterwards, and I returned to my second Insanity class of the year on the following Monday having only just recovered. I do secretly revel in the feeling of achy muscles though as I can feel that I’ve done my body some good!

ballet dance socksI’ve also returned to dance classes which run every Tuesday night from 8-11pm. Ceroc is a social dance style based on modern jive which is so much fun, and I’ve been attending classes on and off for 5yrs now. £9 a week for 3hrs of twirling and laughing is always a bargain in my books, and I’ve made some great friends from Ceroc!

(I’ve always enjoyed dancing and received these ballet-design socks for Christmas, which are so cute!)

Nike Air Max Thea trainersAlso, in a blog post from July about trainers, I mentioned that I had “my eye on a pair of gorgeous Nike Air Max Thea Cherry Blossoms”… which just happened to be in the January sales, too! (Around £100 reduced to only £60.) I treated myself and have had so many compliments! Completely love them and they’re so comfortable. Obviously not suitable for running, but in the spirit of all things footprint-related… 🙂

Primark running leggingsAnd I made a surprising discovery with regards to running leggings. Whilst on a shopping trip I stumbled across some gorgeous mesh-detailed exercise bottoms in Primark for only £8. I’ve seen this style around and quite like it, so thought it can’t hurt to see how they fare. I tried the leggings on for the first time at home and immediately liked the fit and feel of them. A 5mile run around the block proved them to be super comfortable and actually pretty perfect! I’ve always been a fan of Primark sports bras as they just seem to fit really well, and now I’m a huge fan of their leggings too. Such a bargain at only £8, when some well-known brands can charge around £45 for a similar – or even slightly less impressive – fit and feel.

Now I just need a running event to wear them to! My 2017 race calendar is looking rather pathetic… In fact, it’s pretty much non-existent aside from the Richmond RunFest half marathon in September. I haven’t yet signed up for anything else, although am considering taking part in the London Winter Run on 5th February (for the third time… Just because I miss running events!) and possibly the Tunbridge Wells half marathon on 19th February. Watch this space!

Happy New Year 🙂 x


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