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2017 in Review

Oh, 2017.

This year started well, running-wise. I took a lovely lady’s place in the London Winter Run 10K and met some fellow runners; then I took someone’s place in the Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon – an event which I had been avoiding for years due to the severe profile – and still managed to achieve a decent time. I felt fit and healthy, was doing Insanity classes every week and was ready to smash the year.

However, as mentioned in my previous post, I had a terrible experience at the London 10,000 when I forgot my headphone adaptor (literally can’t run without music and almost got the train back home without completing the event), and then at the Race for Life when my headphone adaptor failed to work. I had to withdraw from two running events in July due to personal issues and was late to the Morunning 10K in Greenwich Park (due to public transport), accidentally smashing my phone screen to bits in the process. I also had my sixth rejection from the London Marathon, and my charity application was rejected too.

BUT, having said that… I took part in the London Moonwalk Marathon on my own, which was fab; really enjoyed the Sevenoaks 10K and the Richmond Half Marathon, and introduced my lovely mum to the world of fitness events. We completed the Shine Walk Half Marathon together and then the 11 Mile Bluebell Railway Track Trek and the Race for the Kids Great Ormond Street run in London.

I also ditched Jawbone and got my first Fitbit, which I absolutely love!

I completed almost double this amount of events back in 2013/2014/2015 and was achieving faster times (not that that actually matters to me, because I don’t run to get a good time – I run because I really enjoy it), so have been disappointed with myself this year and can’t really look back on 2017 with pride, to be honest.

So, to rectify this?

  • I’ve got two new pairs of trainers in the post to start using as from January 2018: a new pair of Nike Free Run gym shoes to use for Insanity, Zumba etc; and a new pair of Brooks Ravenna 8 running shoes to use for events.
  • I’m going to join a running club in Tunbridge Wells – FINALLY!
  • I’m going to make more of an effort with Parkrun, because 9/10 on a Saturday morning I decide that getting rest and sleep is preferable, and press the snooze button…
  • I’m going to be running my first ever 26.2miles at the Brighton Marathon in April and don’t want to risk injury, so need to prepare!
  • I’ve just signed up to a local New Years Day 10K, getting the New Year off to a solid start! I’ve also booked the London Winter Walk (20K) on 14 January and London Winter Run 10K on 4 February – so that’s three events in just over a month! And they’re all quite soon, so that’s motivation enough to get moving.
  • I’ve got a home cross-trainer which isn’t used enough, so will get into the routine of setting my alarm 30mins earlier each morning and starting the day off positively with a 30min home workout.
  • Will buy many spare headphones & headphone adaptors and cart them to all events!!!!!!

So here’s to a fun & successful 2018! Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year  🙂  x

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