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Joining a Running Club and NEW SHOES!

Happy New Year!

In my last post I mentioned that two new things for 2018 will be as follows:


  • I’ve got two new pairs of trainers in the post to start using as from January 2018: a new pair of Nike Free Run gym shoes to use for Insanity, Zumba etc; and a new pair of Brooks Ravenna 8 running shoes to use for events.
  • I’m going to join a running club in Tunbridge Wells – FINALLY!

Nike Free Run trainersWell, the two new pairs of trainers arrived! The pink Nike Free Runs were a generous Christmas present from mum, and I’ve already worn them on my home cross-trainer and for a quick 3-mile run around town. They’re super comfy and go well with my new Puma running leggings – also a Christmas present from mum!:

Puma Leggings Nike Free Run trainers

Brooks Ravenna 8 running trainersMy Brooks Ravenna 8 running trainers arrived yesterday so I haven’t yet had chance to try them out, but they look AMAZING! They are my fourth pair of Brooks after the Ghost 5, Ghost 7 and Glycerin 14.

I threw my Ghost 5s out a while back as they were my first ever pair of running shoes back in 2013, so were past their sell-by date. I also threw out my Skechers Flex Appeal trainers recently as they were getting a bit old and thin 😦 so I’m left with three pairs of Brooks for running, and three pairs of Nikes (two Roshe Runs and the Free Runs) for gym/Insanity/Zumba etc.

Tunbridge Wells Harriers Running ClubJust before Christmas I signed up online to my local running club – the Tunbridge Wells Harriers. I have no idea why it’s taken me almost five years to join a club! The Harriers seemed like an obvious choice – I’ve known of the club for years and it’s based a short way from my house. I paid £46 for an annual membership and picked up a £15 club vest from the Running Hub shop in Southborough. I turned up to my first club run at 7:30pm last Wednesday 27th December. Everyone was super warm, friendly and supportive. There were three different routes to chose from – a short 5.5 miles, medium 6.5 miles or a long 7.5 mile run, with the routes changing each week. I opted to start with the short route and was paired with a buddy who ran with me and introduced me to others. It was completely out of my comfort zone to join and turn up to the club-house alone, but I LOVED it and can’t wait to run with the club again this week. I’ll also be trying out their yoga and track sessions throughout the week, too.

Ivy Park leggings Brooks Running trainersIn the meantime I’m trying to exercise every day, whether that be a long 6-mile run, short 3-miles or a session on the cross-trainer at home. The Brighton Marathon is only four months away so training is in full swing! 🙂

I will be attending Insanity work-out classes each Monday and making an even greater effort to eat healthily!

NEXT UP – Lamberhurst New Year’s Day Run (5K), Monday 1 January 2018



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