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My First Marathon Training Plan

So I looked at various 16-week Marathon training plans online and merged them all to make my own personalised one for the Brighton Marathon in April, taking into account my existing activities/routine and event calendar.

I came up with the following which seems like a challenge at first glance, but will be manageable. It won’t take over my life, either. For example, Insanity on Mondays finishes at 730pm and is just down the road from home, so after a shower I’ll still have a chunk of the evening left. Most of the runs on Tuesdays are only 40mins long so I can do that before work or on my lunch-break and still have the whole evening free:

Marathon training plan

It starts on Monday of Week 3, which is today, because I’ve already completed two weeks of training.

This is my first ever Marathon run (I’ve walked about four), so hope the plan is OK! I need/want to book in more events, especially around weeks 11-14.

To help prevent injury and ‘over-doing it’ I’ve invested in my first pair of SKINS calf compression socks and a foam-roller, which I use every time I run. I also purchased a yoga mat after taking part in my first hour-long yoga session on Thursday, held in Rusthall church by fellow Tunbridge Wells Harriers. I used to do yoga at home using YouTube videos, and being a dancer helps with the flexibility and balance, so it’s great to finally be doing yoga ‘properly’ in a class with others!

Watch this space for training updates!  🙂



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