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Marathon training & running events

So the first month of marathon training is complete, and to be honest it’s been a bit up and down.

At times I’ve wondered why on earth I’m doing this to myself, but mostly I pull myself together and get it done. There have been one or two occasions where, after a hard/long day at work, all I want to do it relax, cook a nice meal and/or see mum/friends rather than drag myself out in the cold for a long run, so I’ve allowed myself to do that and tried not to feel too guilty about it.

I’m attending Insanity religiously every Monday, Harriers running club every Wednesday; and running at least two/three times independently each week, reaching nine miles so far. January has been about increasing my fitness and exercise frequency, so that in February I can then work on upping the mileage.

I’ve been wearing my new SKINS calf compression sleeves (which I love! – Have just ordered some more) and am using a foam-roller each time I exercise, which have both helped.

The London Winter Run 10K is fast approaching this Sunday 4th February, and two weeks later is the Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon which I’m really looking forward to. Then on 3rd March I’m doing something unusual – The London Walkie Talkie Tower Climb: 828 steps over 36 floors in one of the tallest buildings in the City of London. According to some blub I found online, you need “thighs of steel, a determined mind, and a head for heights” to take part. Sounds fun! I’m still looking at events to do between that and the Brighton Marathon on 15th April, with the Brett Lydd 20mile event in March looking very likely.

I’d also like to recreate this photo which I took two years ago back in 2016, when I had 88 medals:running medals

Two years on, I have two medal hangers and approximately 140-150 medals (I’ve lost track and need to re-count them, as I keep all medals and hangers in a box at mum’s house!). This acts as motivation and encouragement, and I look forward to seeing how many medals I can add to the collection during 2018.  🙂



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