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London 10,000 2019

I ran the London 10,000 for the first time six years ago in 2013 and it holds some great memories.

It was the first time I experienced a big, well-organised running event, and it had me hooked. I’ve taken part every year since (apart from 2015) and couldn’t wait to return in 2019.

Travel on Monday 27th May was easy, with a direct train from Tonbridge arriving into Charing Cross for 9ish. Adam and I walked along the Mall to the Event Village in Green Park, which contained catering and beverage carts, deckchairs, portaloos and entertainment. We managed to find the baggage drop (I’d never used it before), which was super busy – there was some pushing and shoving, and an impressive queue! We dropped our bags (ordered by surname) and headed towards the Start area.

London 10,000 2019I’d consumed a pot of Oat So Simple porridge, Beanies coffee and a banana – plus a Torq energy gel in Cherry Bakewell – and felt really good and ready to go. The weather was muggy and hot – it felt about 20C+. I was wearing a Primark sports bra, Tunbridge Wells Harriers club vest, USA Pro lycra shorts, Nike Dri-Fit shorts, Adidas headband, and Nike Free Rn 5 trainers with black 1000 Mile trainer socks, which resulted in a super comfortable outfit.

London 10,000 2019The well-organised colour-coded starting pens were manned by event staff who checked to confirm that runners were in the right wave. I was in the third wave (Green) but managed to sneak forward under a barrier into the second wave (Black) and we set off around 4-5 minutes after the first wave went at 10am, with a fun countdown and motivating music. The course, as always for the London 10,000 event, was lined with supporters/general public and charities, with a number of bands and singers along the route; I personally love this touch. The two Buxton water stations were well staffed, and cleaners were efficiently removing the empty cups and bottles from the pavement without getting in anyone’s way. The sprinkler ‘showers’ en route were a welcome feature and seemed to be popular, too – I found them really refreshing! The atmosphere was buzzing and I felt proud to be running a scenic course amongst thousands of other runners.

London 10,000 2019The Finish Line was wide with a large digital clock on display, and runners were funnelled down the side of Buckingham Palace toward Green Park, where volunteers hung large bespoke medals around necks and participants could pick up a goody bag containing a bespoke event t-shirt by New Balance, Buxton water, Lucozade, The Food Doctor Goodness Bar, YES! nut bar, Bounce Protein Energy Ball, and sachet of Fisiocrem. A line of photographers were on hand to take pictures of runners with their medals; and further down the funnel, volunteers snipped off the timing tag from runners’ shoes before we ended up at the baggage drop. It was quick and easy to collect my bag, and then it was back out into Green Park to meet Adam at a pre-arranged meeting point.

I paid £33 to register for this race, and as usual, I‘m impressed with the quality and high standards, and I had a really enjoyable morning. Other London 10Ks charge around £50 entry and don’t supply goody bags, colour-coded start pens or half this level of organisation. I would always highly recommend the London 10,000 event to anyone and everyone. If you’re going to take part in a London 10K, it without a doubt has to be this one. See you next year!

NEXT UP: Kings Hill Sports Park 10K, Sunday 9th June 2019



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