New Brooks Ghost 13 trainers

I love Brooks running shoes. 

Brooks Ghost 5s were my first ever ‘proper’ running shoe, and were followed by Ghost 7s and 10s for all of my long runs; with the Brooks Ravenna, Launch and Glycerin models being used for shorter and training runs. 

I treated myself to a pair of Launch 7s last April, but last bought a pair of Ghosts – the Ghost 10 – for the Brighton Marathon in early 2018. 

BrooksAfter falling pregnant in the autumn of 2019, and giving birth and then recovering during 2020, I felt that a runner training overhaul was needed, for my return to running. With a place in the 2021 London Marathon, being held in October, it felt like a good time to throw away the Ghost 10s and invest in the latest model, in preparation for marathon training. 

I chose this beautiful pair from the Brooks UK website, for £120 (free shipping!) and they were delivered pretty quickly. I absolutely love them and can’t wait to give them a whirl! Watch this space  🙂 


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