New running buggy

I started researching running buggys when I was pregnant.

I knew that I would end up having one – the thought of not running, or having to juggle being a single mum with working part-time and organising childcare for marathon training, seemed ridiculous.

I follow some great running accounts on Instagram – the running community is super inspiring and supportive. I spotted a few connections using the ‘Out n About’ Nipper Sport V4 running buggy, and they seemed really happy with it. I read a lot of reviews on the buggy, plus did my research on other brands, but ultimately I came back to the Nipper Sport. I follow a runner who did a lot of marathon training with it, and she raved about it, which sealed the deal for me. I really need something that can stand the mileage of marathon training, whilst being comfortable for my baby!

'Out n About' Nipper Sport V4I searched for the best price, which was around the £300 mark. However, on Black Friday in November, I searched again and found the buggy for £285 with free footmuff (these are usually sold separately for £60!). It sounds sad, but I was so desperate for one. Before I had my son, running was my whole life; and since having him, I haven’t had the childcare or support (mainly because of Covid!) to run as much as I need and want. A running buggy just seemed to be the perfect solution, and then I could run whenever I want and not have to rely on anyone but myself!

The ‘Out n About’ Nipper Sport V4 arrived the next day from Kiddies Kingdom (free shipping!), and was quite straightforward to put together.

'Out n About' Nipper Sport V4Fast forward to now, February – my son is eight months old, and I have three months before I need to start training for this years’ London Marathon. The running buggy is a total game-changer for me, I absolutely love it – and so does my son! It means freedom, independence, and the chance to smash marathon training as a single mama, without having to even think about childcare (well, maybe for the really long runs!!). I would honestly recommend this product to anyone – I can’t rate it highly enough!  :)


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