2018 · Running events

Royal Parks Half Marathon 2018

I took part in the London Royal Parks half marathon in 2015, after being successful in the ballot entry. It was my first ever Half Marathon and I stated afterwards that the experience was ‘incredible’. I promised to return, but sadly didn’t make it through the 2016 and 2017 ballots. I couldn’t wait to run… Continue reading Royal Parks Half Marathon 2018


New Year, new goals!

So, following my first ever half marathon at the Royal Parks event in October, where I realised that 13.1miles isn’t as challenging or as tough as I’d first envisaged, I’m now in the frame of mind where the thought of travelling all over the UK to attend 10K events isn't the best use of time.… Continue reading New Year, new goals!


A present to myself

In a previous blog post (‘Medal hangers and bib displays’) I mentioned that I’d fallen in love with a gorgeous, but super pricey, medal hanger: https://www.medalhangers.com/view/350/Give-A-Girl-The-Right-Pair-Of-Shoes-and-She-Can-Conquer-The-World. I’d had my eye on it for a while, but it’s American, and with a $75 price tag and $45 shipping cost, I was hesitant. I researched this medal… Continue reading A present to myself