Running events

Hidden treasure!

I had some boxes in the loft that had been there for years, collecting dust. I was randomly having a clear-out yesterday and came across these boxes, having completely forgotten what they contained. They were largely full of old school books, diaries, certificates of achievements and old sentimental bits and bobs that couldn’t be thrown away, but had no place in the actual house.

As I sorted through the boxes, I came across the most amazing treasures: medals and trophies from runs I had taken part in at school! I attended Mascalls School in Paddock Wood, Kent, which held 5K and 10K Fun Run races every year: I took part for 3 years as a pupil and absolutely loved it. The route started in the school grounds and headed out around Paddock Wood, finishing up again in the school field, and there were medals, drinks and Mars Bars for all finishers. I remember it to be a popular event and can’t recall why the school stopped holding it. I’m not sure how I obtained the Fun Run trophy, either! I’m just so chuffed that I found these; a fab part of my youth which perhaps indicates that I was always supposed to be a runner! 🙂

There were some other medals in there too, from walks and runs that I had taken part in many years ago. I’m having my whole medal collection professionally photographed shortly, once my final running event of the year has taken place, so this discovery came at the perfect time! Right now I’m writing up my full review of the year, recapping each race, having completed 15 (nearly 16) events during 2014. I’ll be honest, my body is tired now and my motivation is lacking; I need a break. The dark rainy evenings and heavy workload beg for pyjamas and some relaxation, so I’ll take some time off from running until my new race schedule starts in 2015! Look out for the medal photos coming soon…


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