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Run or Dye 5K 2018

I took part in London Wembley’s Color Run during July 2013, and my review at the time was not a positive one!

The £30 entry fee was excessive for a 5K and included just a t-shirt and headband, no chip timing, medal, goody bag or extras. The race start was delayed without explanation, with all runners crammed into the start area when it was about 30 degrees.

Nevertheless, I took part in another colour-related run during May 2016 – the Brighton Color Obstacle Rush – which was organised by a different (much better) company, and was a lot more enjoyable. The £35 entry fee included a bespoke t-shirt, medal and colour packets to throw around at the finishing festival. It was so much fun!

So, when I kept seeing an advert on Groupon for reduced tickets to a local Run or Dye colour event, I snapped one up. The bargain £18 entry didn’t include a medal, but for that price I didn’t mind. This event would be more about having fun with my mum and sister, and just enjoying the day!

Run or Dye UKOn Sunday 1st July we met up at 8am and drove the fifteen minutes to Penshurst village and parked in a side road, with a short walk to the event at Penshurt Place (who were charging £10 per car to park). The event started at 10am so we had arrived super early, but the time flew by. We showed proof of entry at the line of registration desks and picked up a drawstring goody bag each, which contained a bespoke event t-shirt, tattoo, packet of colour dye, running number with safety pins, and bespoke event wristband. We explored the event area, which housed a merchandise stand and numerous food and beverage stands – we shared a large vegan wood-fired pizza for breakfast! There was a collection of portaloos with little queuing time, and a large stage with plenty of entertainment; including a rock choir, an energetic warm-up, and canons which fired coloured paint into the crowd! The MC was running competitions and throwing out free merchandise.

The weather was hot and humid – not ideal running conditions! – and I was wearing the event t-shirt with a white USA Pro sports bra, white Adidas tennis skort, pink calf compression socks and white trainer socks with white Primark plimsols, which I picked up for £3 (and threw away at the end!).

Run or Dye UKAt 10am we made our way to the Start line where we took part in Mexican waves and some more colour-throwing; and set off around the 5K course shortly afterwards. Penshurst is beautiful and the course was scenic and rural, through fields and past sheep and cows (with plenty of manure to step around!). Staff threw paint at participants at various spots throughout the route, plus there were bubble machines and a free water station. My favourite part was the foam machine, which was AMAZING – thigh-deep foam showered out of an overhead machine creating a bath-like-effect, which was so much fun. (It was also refreshing, as the weather was super hot!) The atmosphere was fabulous and it was clear that everyone was enjoying themselves.

data:text/mce-internal,content,%3Cimg%20class%3D%22alignright%20size-medium%20wp-image-927%22%20src%3D%22https%3A//laurasfootprints.files.wordpress.com/2018/07/img_3614.jpg%3Fw%3D240%22%20alt%3D%22Run%20or%20Dye%20UK%22%20width%3D%22240%22%20height%3D%22300%22%20/%3EThe Finish area was lined with cheering supporters, and we managed a sprint finish before collecting another cup of free water. There were photographers milling around, and a colour festival was underway around the main stage. We found an ice-cream stand and treated ourselves before heading back out of the grounds and to the car – which got covered in colored dust!

I arrived home for midday and jumped straight in the shower, clothes and all! Nothing stained as the powder just brushes off, although I’m still finding paint in my ears!

Overall, I had a great morning and really enjoyed this event – it was so much fun and I’ll definitely be open to taking part again in the future. This is the sort of event that I’d recommend to everyone; it’s suitable for all shapes and abilities, and is a great laugh.





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