New Fitbit Charge 4

The Charge 2 was my first Fitbit experience, and I loved it. I then had the Charge 3, which wasn’t so good!

Still, when I saw that the Charge 4 was being released, I knew that I would be picking one up.

I chose the Limited Edition Granite Reflective/Black, which comes with an extra classic band, just because it visually appealed to me a lot more. The other available colours seemed quite plain in comparison!

Fitbit Charge 4I purchased directly from Fitbit, who were doing a limited-time offer of £129.99, down from £149.99. The band arrived quickly and was super simple to set up and start using. I simply charged it up and connected the new device from within the app, and then it was good to go!

The extra features include Spotify integration, enhanced GPS mapping, and a few more bits and bobs. I’ll be honest, I haven’t noticed a huge change from the Charge 3 – and the battery definitely doesn’t last seven days as advertised (I charge mine every day! I guess it depends how much you exercise and how many features you use) – but I wouldn’t be without it. One evening, I forgot to put it back on after a shower, and was completely lost without it during the night! I didn’t realise just how much I rely on it, in the absence of a digital alarm clock or phone next to my bed. (I have a baby son who wakes up a lot!) So I imagine I will always have one on my wrist  🙂




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